This project is a work in progress.


Through the Fog of Memory is an exploration of that which becomes too difficult to look at once it has been scarred by the aftermath of trauma. Questioning the role photography played in my earlier life when I adventured with a 6x7 medium format camera, I looked back through an archive of positives taken between 2009 and 2011, a time when I traveled freely that transitioned into a period of disability. This change was an internal one expressed externally in panicked responses to any and all stimuli, that inverted my relationship to nature from one of meditative serenity to one of horror. Printing these images onto transparency, I strung them in the center of a room to be walked around and between, obfuscating traditional notions of photographic looking and seeing from a straight-on viewpoint. The only way to see an individual image in its entirety is on an oblique angle, a sideways glance into the history of unmourned time given over to unrelenting survival.