This project is a work in progress.


Performing Silence is a two-fold meditation on the active silencing of persons. From an autobiographical perspective, that of children and of queers. Part of the abuse of a child is the removal of their voice, to make them believe they never had one. The silencing of queer voices is more systemic, broadening in concentric circles outward from points of hate and fear. Familial, religious, and governmental sources have acted in concert over centuries to destroy non-heterosexuals. Through the use of opaque black cloth I concealed my body entirely, abstracting my presence into a series of crests and troughs. Even if I tell you a veiled figure exists, do you believe me? Still, when one finds their voice, new dangers spring out in rapid succession then slow to a trickle throughout time. Safety, trust, and love become abstract concepts ruled by the mechanics of survival and the double-edged need for camouflage.