This project is a work in progress.


Through Greek Statues Have Small Dicks For A Reason* I investigate queer histories from the starting point of contemporary gay relations, both romantic and social. In this work I look to symbolic poses and statuary from Donatello's effete bronze David, which served as the entry guardian in the Medici's courtyard in Renaissance Florence, to the Sleeping Hermaphroditus and ritualistic mediation. I am curious about our cultural slide into anti-intellectualism, toxic masculinity, the cult of the cock (and the need for its destruction), the failure of dick-first online dating vis-a-vis supersession of identity with the body, and how this all relates to internet culture.

As a project I am building towards multiple identities, each erected into an 8' x 20' muslin fabric flag. Individually they will represent each person's beliefs in, responses to, fears of, hopes for, and power derived from queer reality. Collectively they offer a multifaceted question of contemporary queer identity. 

*Take a look at this article for a backgrounder.